Portada DHA-2022
Portada DHA-2022

Aspirating smoke detectors are air sampling systems that have a very high alarm sensitivity range (depending on model from 0.001% to 20% obscuration/m), they are classified as high sensitivity smoke detectors with a very early and reliable warning capable of detecting an outbreak of fire in its most incipient stage, they have an adjustable sensitivity for low to high smoke concentrations in an area of up to 2000 m2.

The detectors can be configured for a variety of environments, providing ideal fire detection solutions for power plants and substations, data processing centres and IT services, clean rooms, warehouses, cold rooms, hazardous areas, historic buildings, museums, prison cells and technical cabinets, etc…

The principle of operation of these detectors is the extraction of combined air samples from a network of pipes in the protected area, this sample is then filtered and analysed in a laser detection chamber. When smoke particles are detected and the smoke level reaches a pre-selected alarm threshold it triggers the corresponding signalling.

Alarm states can be shown on the device display, and are transmitted to the alarm control panel of the main fire control panel, it contains alarm LED indicators, Fault LED and power on / in normal operating state OK LED. It also includes dedicated relay outputs for each alarm and fault status of the device, these signals can be sent to the main fire control panel and alarm output delays can also be programmed.

FAAST-FLEX: Es una nueva gama de Detectores de Humos por aspiración, está diseñado con nuevas tecnologías para mejorar el rendimiento y el producto tiene una muy buena relación calidad-precio.
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