We have a wide range of optical and acoustic auxiliary signalling devices suitable for installation in special hazardous areas (ATEX), both indoors and outdoors.

These devices are specially designed and approved to work in industrial environments with potentially hazardous atmospheres (ATEX – Explosive Gas and Dust Atmospheres).

It is important to take appropriate advice in order to choose the appropriate models that are approved for installation depending on the application/environment required and to take into account the degree of risk where these devices are to be installed.

All our products have the most important certifications and approvals worldwide, such as EN, UL, FM, ATEX, etc…

If you need advice on the correct choice of these devices, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can provide you with further information.

ATEX Optical Acoustic ATEX Signalling product sheet:


For any questions or clarification about this product and request for prices and references, please contact us.

TASC, S.L is the official reseller of KLAXON in Spain and Portugal.