In general, a fire in a cable tray, even a small one, can cause long periods of disruption to manufacturing activity and processes, and damage to building structures, with consequent economic losses. By using TASC’s thermofusor (digital) cable sensor the fire can be detected before bigger damage occurs.

Cable trays are usually located in inaccessible and dirty places. Smoke detectors are normally used to detect fires in these places, creating several disadvantages: false alarms due to dirt, poor accessibility due to maintenance and slow detection of a fire due to the layout of the trays, often on several levels.

TASC sensor cable offers economical, durable, false alarm free and fast detection of cable overheating caused by electrical malfunction or external causes. This fast detection is due to the fact that the sensor cable is in direct contact with the cables laid in the cable tray.

With monitoring modules for the sensor cable, we can be informed about the incident with great accuracy. This is very useful in hidden places (brackets or false floors) and also in facility galleries for a quick location of a possible fire.

In addition, TASC CTI modules can discriminate an alarm from a mechanical short circuit. This feature is unique in thermal fuse sensor cables on the market.

Here are some examples of technologies that you could apply with our help:

Fiber optic linear heat detection
Digital sensor cable linear heat detection
Digital sensor cable linear heat detection

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