Data processing rooms, server rooms, computer facilities and clean rooms are clear examples where the fastest possible action must be taken when a fire is detected. Failure to protect this customer-critical equipment with appropriate systems can be ruinous for customers.

The most common risks in this type of rooms are the wiring and the equipment they contain. This, together with the fact that they are strategic installations for clients, which cannot be out of service due to the enormous losses that this would entail, make it is necessary to use the most sensitive detection systems on the market. TASC’s early smoke detection systems are the preferred solution. They are capable of detecting a fire in a incipient phase, minimising the time it takes to locate it in order to proceed with the necessary extinguishing actions before irreversible damages are caused. TASC ASD can protect everything from remote communications stations to the largest data processing rooms with maximum reliability.

Due to the high value of these rooms and the hyperventilation they have, any other fire detection system would not be adequate.

Here are some examples of technologies that you could apply with our help:

Digital sensor cable linear heat detection
Aspirating Smoke Detection
Special Installation Accessories

Learn more about the protection of data processing centres in this guide:


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