Ultraviolet (UV) flame detection


The UV flame detector responds to the high-energy UV radiation emitted by fires and explosions at the moment of ignition. The flame is detected very quickly in a 0.1 m2 (1 ft2) container fire.

The detector is particularly useful for the detection of invisible flames from fuels such as hydrogen, hydrocarbons, ammonia, silane and other inorganic fuels.

The detector uses a special logic circuit that helps prevent false alarms caused by the
solar radiation.

The main applications depending on the type of detector / sensor are:
- Hydrocarbon fires.
- Hydrogen, ammonia, silane and other hydrogen-based fuel fires.
- Metal fires.

The advantages are:
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (depending on models and accessories).
- High speed.
- Moderate sensitivity.
- Unaffected by solar radiation.
- Unaffected by hot objects.

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