These probes and electronic detectors are designed in accordance with the European standard EN54-5 and the ATEX directive (explosion-proof version), they are specially prepared for installation in high-risk environmental conditions with the presence, for example, of corrosive elements or vapours.

There is a wide variety of potential installations such as locations with explosive atmospheres, industrial/commercial plants, warehouses with hazardous materials, extraction ducts.

These electronic probes and detectors guarantee a very high measurement accuracy over long periods of time and an almost total resistance to EMI interference.

They incorporate an electronic circuit with SMD technology with the function of controlling the transducer signal and ensuring optimum measurement repeatability and rapid response to heat as they have digital filters and algorithms which, when applied to the analogue transducer signals, give them a high level of security against possible false alarms.
They also have a self-diagnostic procedure.

These electronic probes and detectors can be connected directly to any conventional alarm panel and, via a conventional zone module, could be connected to analogue panels.

The use of a single electronic probe per conventional zone or zone module is recommended.

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