With this technology, building evacuations are helped to be faster, as the evacuation indications are unambiguous and this increases the level of safety in the protection of people.

Relying solely on audible notification of a fire alarm may have some disadvantages as there may be people with hearing impairments, or workers or locations in high ambient noise conditions. Even something as simple as wearing a pair of headphones could prevent someone from hearing an audible fire evacuation warning. To truly evacuate all occupants of a building, we need to signal effectively using light and sound.

New European fire system standards recognise and legislate these new requirements. EN54-23 specifies minimum performance requirements for visual alarm devices (VADs), removing any previous ambiguity regarding light output requirements or system design parameters related to the use of light to evacuate buildings.

This range has exceeded these expectations and has gone even further, in the belief that all buildings deserve the latest fire evacuation technology and that all fire alarm systems should be upgraded, as this increases safety in the protection of life and property.

Optical Acoustic Signalling EN54 product sheet:


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