Atmospheric fuel storage tanks, due to the highly flammable products they contain, must have effective fire protection measures to prevent catastrophic damage to people, facilities and the environment.

There are two types of atmospheric storage tanks: fixed roof tanks and floating roof tanks. In this guide we will focus on floating roof storage tanks, although the fire protection measures to be taken are similar for both types of tanks. In addition, being TASC’s speciality, this guide will be for fire detection systems.


The main cause of fires in atmospheric floating roof storage tanks is wear or damage to the perimeter seal. The use of sensor cable for fire detection in these cases provides a simple, effective, durable and very economical solution. TASC offers three types of sensor cable technology for these cases: digital sensor cable, digital sensor cable with short-circuit and alarm discrimination and fiber optic sensor cable.

Due to the environmental conditions present in this type of installation the sensor cable becomes the only way of fire detection. Any of these cables are installed close to the perimeter seal of the floating roof for faster detection of a possible fire. In addition, they can also be used to protect the motors and shafts of the mixing system.

Here are some examples of technologies that you could apply with our help:

Fiber optic linear heat detection
Digital sensor cable linear heat detection
Infrared (IR) Flame Detection
Ultraviolet (UV) Flame Detection
Combined Flame Detection (IR+UV)
Gas Detection
Special Installation Accessories

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