Gases, flammable or toxic vapours can be generated in a wide variety of environments. Gas detection systems primarily serve to deal with toxic risks and explosion hazards.

There is a wide variety of hazardous gases and vapours and each has its own characteristics. Any gas or vapour can be potentially hazardous, whether liquefied, compressed or even in its normal state. The most important factor in judging the hazard level of these is to know their concentration.

There are basically three categories of risk:

– Ex – Risk of explosion due to flammable gases.
– Ox – Oxygen
Risk of asphyxiation due to oxygen displacement.
Risk of increased flammability due to oxygen enrichment.
– Tox – Risk of poisoning by toxic gases.

Without specialised equipment, it is almost impossible for humans to recognise these dangers early enough to be able to take appropriate preventive measures. It is therefore essential to be able to reliably detect the dangers of gases or vapours (Ex – Ox – Tox) as early as possible and thus try to protect human life, property and the environment by selecting adecuate approaches, adapting and implementing the necessary measures in each case so that the risk and danger can be minimised. This is the reason why gas detectors and systems suitable for the environment and the particular risks to be protected are necessary.

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