The 5000 series heat-in-transit detector is an early warning infrared heat sensor, which can activate at temperatures as low as 100°C and detect materials located on conveyor belts before they reach ember or flame condition. This unique special dual detector model enhances infrared tracking for black heat detection.

Blackbody emissions occur in all materials; the detector is designed to detect a change in these emissions, even at relatively low temperatures, as the material moves across its field of view.

The 5610 model is specifically designed for hazardous areas and is ATEX certified for zones 1, 2 and 21, 22. Compressed air cleaning prevents dust accumulation on the sensor windows. This model 5610 incorporates a user programmable SIL switch. Options include detector sensitivity settings, manual/auto reset and alarm activation by individual signal or by simultaneals activation of the two detectors.

In-Transit Heat Detection product sheet:


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