Linear detection training at Elecnor Barcelona

TASC led a successful training workshop on fiber-optic Linear Heat Detection systems supplied by TASC on the 8th of July 2021 at Elecnor offices in Cornellá, Barcelona. Elecnor has been awarded the fire protection project for the “Tunel de Glorias” in Barcelona City centre and is responsible for installation and setup of the fiber-optic Linear Heat Detection system. A variety of Elecnor departments attended the workshop: installation team, start-up team, integration team, etc. and all aspects of the project were discussed: ranging from technical specifications, all the way through to ModBus mapping for communication protocols.

Particular emphasis was placed on the specific characteristics of the “Tunel de Glorias” project and its relevant configuration. The workshop teams were trained so that they can perform their individual duties with complete autonomy to successfully configure our system. As is customary in all our projects, we remain on standby should they require any assistance and support.

Rafael Sevilla Martínez – TASC Sales Director