New fire-protected food plant

A new food industry, this time in Guadalajara, is protected with a linear fiber optic fire detection system. The installation consists of a 1 km DTS unit and two sensor cable loops: one 900 meters long and the other 650 meters long. In total, 40 zones have been programmed, each one with its own different and independent alarm criteria and it has communicated with the fire detection control panel through relay outputs. Fiber optics protect all the warehouse and production rooms of the products that are manufactured in this industry

This sensor cable system is ideal for detecting fires in this type of factory due to the adverse conditions that occur there, such as:

Dirty, dusty and corrosive environments.
High humidity and dynamic temperature fluctuations.
Vapors from cleaning products and pressurized water.
Salinity, condensation, freezing, …
TASC’s (manufacturer #APSensing) Linear Fiber Optic Fire Detection System is designed to minimize operating costs and perform with maximum reliability even in harsh conditions. Fiber Optic cable technology is long lasting and maintenance free. Due to all these conditions, customers dedicated to the food industry are choosing this fire detection system to protect their facilities.

Thanks to the final customer and the installer for trusting our system.

For more information, you can find our “Guide for linear fire detection by fiber optics in the food industry” on the web