Protectowire PHSC and PLR get DTA

In compliance with Article 5 of the RIPCI 2017 “Accreditation of compliance with the safety requirements of fire protection products”, #Protectowire has obtained a favorable technical evaluation of its suitability for its intended use as a sensor cable. This type of product is regulated by Standard EN54-28 (2019): Non-Resettable Linear Heat Detectors, this standard is not yet harmonized in the EU, so for the purposes of #RIPCI 2017 it is as if it did not exist. Therefore, the option given in Article 5 Part 3 is to obtain a TECHNICAL APPROVAL DOCUMENT (DIT).

In this way #Protectowire becomes the first, and at the moment only, manufacturer of non-resettable linear heat detectors with this accreditation. Therefore, it is the only non-resettable sensor cable that can be marketed in Spain to comply with the provisions of the #RIPCI 2017.

Once the EN54-28 (2019) standard is harmonized, this type of sensor cables must be certified by it.

Thanks to everyone who has collaborated to make this document possible, especially to: #Eduardo Torroja Institute (IETCC), Association for the Promotion of Fire Safety Research and Technology (#AFITI) and the technical team of #Protectwire

Rafael Sevilla Martínez

Director Comercial en TASC.

Distribuidor Único de Protectowire

Linear detection training at Elecnor Barcelona

TASC led a successful training workshop on fiber-optic Linear Heat Detection systems supplied by TASC on the 8th of July 2021 at Elecnor offices in Cornellá, Barcelona. Elecnor has been awarded the fire protection project for the “Tunel de Glorias” in Barcelona City centre and is responsible for installation and setup of the fiber-optic Linear Heat Detection system. A variety of Elecnor departments attended the workshop: installation team, start-up team, integration team, etc. and all aspects of the project were discussed: ranging from technical specifications, all the way through to ModBus mapping for communication protocols.

Particular emphasis was placed on the specific characteristics of the “Tunel de Glorias” project and its relevant configuration. The workshop teams were trained so that they can perform their individual duties with complete autonomy to successfully configure our system. As is customary in all our projects, we remain on standby should they require any assistance and support.

Rafael Sevilla Martínez – TASC Sales Director

Fiber optic detection for the food industry


TASC, S.L., is once again supplying a linear fibre optic fire detection system for the food industry.

Tasc has once again supplied a linear fiber optic fire detection system (DTS) for the food industry. In this case for the fire protection of a slaughterhouse, cutting rooms, product processing, and storage of final product. All this at the company’s facilities in Alcorcón (Madrid).

The customer has selected a 1 km, 4-channel DTS control unit with metal-free sensor cable. Different zones have been configured with different alarm criteria.

The customer is very satisfied with this solution provided because other conventional fire detection systems have failed or given false alarms due to the environmental conditions of this industry: humidity, condensation, dirt, salinity, cleaning with chemical products and pressurised hot water, etc. TASC’s linear fibre optic fire detection is immune to all these elements and is a reliable and durable fire protection system (service life 25 years).

With this one, TASC now has 6 references supplying DTS systems in the food industry”.

For more information on this application see our


TASC at the Jorf Lasfar Port

TASC, S.L., has supplied the fire detection systems for special risks in the project of the new port in Jorf Lasfar O.C.P. This new factory, mostly restored, is dedicated to the handling and export of sulphur. In particular TASC has supplied the following systems:

  • Linear fibre optic fire detection system (DTS) for fire detection on conveyor belts.
  • Fire detection system using thermographic cameras in the sulphur warehouse.
  • SO2 and H2S gas detection system for conveyor belt area and sulphur store.
  • Intrinsically safe pushbuttons and sirens for the entire factory.
  • IR3 flame detectors for conveyor belt area.

All supplied equipment is ATEX and FM certified.

Due to the situation created by COVID19 , the commissioning of the more complex systems: DTS and thermographic cameras; will be done remotely with the technical support of TASC.