TASC launches its website in English

TASC has launched the English version of its website to respond to English-speaking customers, in accordance with our commitment to provide a higher quality of service.

Through www.tasc.es/en you can access TASC in English, where the full range of products and applications is made available to customers to find out the most appropriate solution for their project.

We continue providing imaginative solutions with the most advanced technology for fire detection in the most challenging hazards.


In a few weeks the "sea side" of the # Glorias tunnel will be inaugurated in Barcelona. This tunnel, with 2 tubes of 3 lanes each, runs below the Plaza de las Glorias Catalanas in Barcelona. It will alleviate traffic on the surrounding streets and avenues: Gran Vía de las Cortes Catalanas, Avda. Diagonal and Avda. Meridiana. It will also serve to reduce pollution in the area. During the month of November the "mountain side" will be inaugurated.

It is equipped with the latest technology in road safety. In fire safety, for the detection of fires in tunnels, the system distributed by #TASC (#AP Sensing) has been installed. With sensor cable redundancy topology, so that in the event of a sensor cable break nothing is lost from fire detection. The linear detection in each tube will have a total of 9 zones that will activate the corresponding extraction zones. Activation by maximum temperature and temperature gradient has been programmed for each zone. Communication with other systems will be done through relays and ModBus / TCP-IP.

Rafael Sevilla Martínez

TASC Sales Director

Protectowire obtains Technical Suitability Document (#DIT) for Series PHSC and PLR range of Linear Heat Detection cables.

In compliance with Article 5 of the Spanish regulatory code #RIPCI2017 “Accreditation of compliance with the safety standard requirements of fire protection products”;  , in collaboration with TASC, has obtained a favourable technical suitability evaluation for use of Series PHSC and PLR range of Linear Heat Detection cables as accreddited sensor cables. These type of product are regulated under EN54-28(2019) standards: Non-resettable line-type heat detectors. Said standards are yet to be fully harmonised, fundamentally rendering them inexistent from the point of view of #RIPCI2017 Nonetheless, Article 5, Section 3 herein defines the possibility to obtain a Technical Suitability Document (#DIT) conceding compliance within the EN54-28(2019) framework.#DIT).

#Protectowire, , in collaboration with TASC, are pioneering the field once again as it has become the first and only manufacturer of non-resettable line-type heat detectors to achieve this accreditation. As a result, Protectowire has become the only manufacturer in the Spanish territorry who can commercialise non-resettable line-type heat detector sensor cables with accredited compliance of RIPCI2017 requirements. #RIPCI2017.

Once EN54-28(2019) standards become harmonised, all sensor cables will have to obtain said certification of Accreditation of compliance with the safety standard requirements of fire protection products.

A warm Thank You to all who have made this possible through your contributions. A special thank you to: #Instituto Eduardo Torroja (IETCC), Asociación para el Fomento de la Investigación y la Tecnología de la Seguridad contra Incendios (#AFITI) and the #Protectowire technical team

Rafael Sevilla Martínez

Sales Director

Sole Protectowire Distributor

Elecnor Barcelona Training on Linear Heat Detection

TASC led a successful training workshop on fiber-optic Linear Heat Detection systems supplied by TASC on the 8th of July 2021 at Elecnor offices in Cornellá, Barcelona. Elecnor has been awarded the fire protection project for the “Tunel de Glorias” in Barcelona City centre and is responsible for installation and setup of the fiber-optic Linear Heat Detection system. A variety of Elecnor departments attended the workshop: installation team, start-up team, integration team, etc. and all aspects of the project were discussed: ranging from technical specifications, all the way through to ModBus mapping for communication protocols.

Particular emphasis was placed on the specific characteristics of the “Tunel de Glorias” project and its relevant configuration. The workshop teams were trained so that they can perform their individual duties with complete autonomy to successfully configure our system. As is customary in all our projects, we remain on standby should they require any assistance and support.

Rafael Sevilla Martínez - TASC Sales Director