Las Barreras infrarrojas de detección de humo pueden ser uniones importantes para una buena ingeniería de sistemas de alarmas contra incendio automáticos. Gracias a sus capacidades, las Barreras infrarrojas de detección de humo superan los problemas y limitaciones de los detectores de humo de tipo puntual.


An Infrared Smoke Beam Detector consists of a Transmitter, a Receiver and a Control Unit:

– The Transmitter is generating and modularly projecting an infrared light source (invisible) beam over an area where the Receiver will be located.

– The Receiver is a photosensitive sensor that sends the signal to the Control Unit.

– The Control Unit, which may be separate or integrated (depending mainly on the type of detector), analyses the signal information and communicates the status of the equipment to the Fire Control Panel.

There are two main types of Infrared Smoke Beam Detectors:

– PROJECTION INFRARED SMOKE DETECTOR, Transmitter (T) and Receiver (R) are installed individually in the area to be covered, with a longitudinal separation of between 10 and 120 metres.
The Receiver is electrically connected to the Control Unit, which is installed at ground level.

– INFRARED SMOKE DETECTOR BY REFLECTION, The Transmitter (T) and the Receiver (R) form a single unit: the Transceiver. The equipment transmits an infrared light beam which is reflected (by a prism) and is returned directly in the opposite direction and the beam is picked up again by the unit’s Receiver, the longitudinal distances between them can be from 5 metres to 100 metres. The same unit monitors the information signal.


Smoke Beam Detector operates on the principles of light obscuration. The photosensitive element of the Smoke Beam Detector senses the light produced by the Transmitter in a normal condition. The Receiver is calibrated to a pre-programmed sensitivity level based on a percentage of total obscuration. Smoke Beam Detector offer several sensitivity settings to choose from.

Optical Linear Infrared Smoke Detection Product Sheet:


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