Power plants

Power generation and distribution plants entail a very large investment for the states and private companies that manage or build them. In addition they are critical and strategic infrastructures for any country. For these reasons, proper fire protection is essential. It will be a combination of active and passive safety systems that will guarantee total and effective protection.

TASC’s advanced fire detection systems are an effective and reliable solution, with high performance and accompanying the entire lifetime of a Power Generation Plant.

The main risks involved in this type of infrastructure are:
– Gas turbines
– Diesel generators
– Steam turbines
– Hydraulic systems
– Transformers
– Cable tunnels
– Electrical cabinet rooms
– Conveyor belts
ï Offices

TASC has a specific solution for each of these risks (see other application guides on our website). Each individual solution, encompassed and monitored by TASC’s analogue fire detection system, will help to achieve the safety objective necessary to maintain business continuity and minimise damage in the event of a fire.

Here are some examples of technologies that you could apply with our help:

Fiber optic linear heat detection
Digital sensor cable linear heat detection
Fenwal Heat Detection
Electronic Detectors Heat Detection
Infrared (IR) Flame Detection
Ultraviolet (UV) Flame Detection
Combined Flame Detection (IR+UV)
Aspirating Smoke Detection
Infrared (IR) Beam Smoke Detection
Combined (IR+UV) Beam Smoke Detection
Heat Detection in Transit
Gas Detection
Water Leak Detection
ATEX Optical Acoustic ATEX signalling
Optical Acoustic Signalling EN54
Special Installation Accessories

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