Protectowire PHSC and PLR get DTA

In compliance with Article 5 of the RIPCI 2017 “Accreditation of compliance with the safety requirements of fire protection products”, #Protectowire has obtained a favorable technical evaluation of its suitability for its intended use as a sensor cable. This type of product is regulated by Standard EN54-28 (2019): Non-Resettable Linear Heat Detectors, this standard is not yet harmonized in the EU, so for the purposes of #RIPCI 2017 it is as if it did not exist. Therefore, the option given in Article 5 Part 3 is to obtain a TECHNICAL APPROVAL DOCUMENT (DIT).

In this way #Protectowire becomes the first, and at the moment only, manufacturer of non-resettable linear heat detectors with this accreditation. Therefore, it is the only non-resettable sensor cable that can be marketed in Spain to comply with the provisions of the #RIPCI 2017.

Once the EN54-28 (2019) standard is harmonized, this type of sensor cables must be certified by it.

Thanks to everyone who has collaborated to make this document possible, especially to: #Eduardo Torroja Institute (IETCC), Association for the Promotion of Fire Safety Research and Technology (#AFITI) and the technical team of #Protectwire

Rafael Sevilla Martínez

Director Comercial en TASC.

Distribuidor Único de Protectowire