The location of detection systems should be chosen according to the type of refrigeration plant, stored products, machinery and other factors. Fire detectors are intended to provide early fire detection in a refrigeration system.

Common points in a refrigeration installation:
– Specific machine rooms.
– Cold storage and refrigerated process rooms.
– Detectors to warn of the presence of heat concentrations in a hazardous materials area.
– Alarm at the permanent monitoring centre

In establishments containing refrigeration installations, in addition to the most common hazards, the risks arising from:
– The internal pressure of the systems.
– Component and ambient temperatures.
– Leaks of coolants and lubricants.

Any incident/accident that may occur on the premises is intended to have little or no impact on:
– The people
– The installation itself.
– Continuity of activities.
– The environment.

In Tasc we propose different solutions, individually or combined provide an effective security to this type of installations, monitoring the predetermined areas and alerting with sufficient time before the fire occurs.

Here are some examples of technologies that you could apply with our help:

Fiber optic linear heat detection
Digital sensor cable linear heat detection
Fenwal Heat Detection
Electronic Detectors Heat Detection
Aspirating Smoke Detection
Gas Detection
Special Installation Accessories

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