TASC participates in the Habitat Tech Opening Day

On 24 October 2019, the “Opening Day – Habitat Tech 2019” was held at the Financiera Maderera, S.A. facilities. (FINSA). The day was organised by FINSA and Kaleido Logistics. The aim of the event was to present challenges or problems that FINSA has in its facilities and for companies from different sectors to present solutions to these challenges or problems. For example, how to treat wood waste, how to eliminate wood mould, training of factory staff in occupational hazards, optimising transport times for orders to customers, etc. Afterwards, a visit was made to the factory, ending with meetings between the people from FINSA who presented the challenges and the companies that proposed a solution.

The challenge faced by TASC, S.L. was the detection of fires in various parts of the factory where the environment and the mechanical conditions of the equipment to be protected are not easy, such as conveyor belts and silos. The solution proposed by TASC for the conveyor belts is the installation of a linear fibre optic fire detection system with the ConveySafe solution and the SmartVision visualisation software. For the silos, an early fire detection system using CO and CO2 gas detection (SiloWatch).

The project is going ahead and is scheduled to be implemented during 2020.