Transformers or electrical machines (e.g. turbines) represent a significant fire risk. With high temperatures inside, high oil pressures for cooling, high voltage electric arcs, internal equipment, braking systems, ... Early and faultless detection of a fire in a transformer or electrical machine will allow the necessary operations to be carried out so that the fire does not spread further.

Transformers and electrical machines are subject to fire due to various causes. Often the fire is caused by a failure or deterioration of the transformer insulation. This causes electrical arcing which overheats the cooling oil and can rupture the cooling oil tanks and cause a fire. Fire can also be caused by lightning and, occasionally, by dirty insulators. Proper maintenance can reduce the risks. Failure protection through shielding, earthing, lightning rod, switches and relays can help to reduce the risk of fire.

In Tasc we propose different solutions, individually or combined provide an effective security to this type of installations, monitoring the predetermined areas and alerting with sufficient time before the fire occurs.

Here are some examples of technologies that you could apply with our help:

Digital sensor cable linear heat detection
Fenwal Heat Detection
Infrared (IR) Flame Detection
Ultraviolet (UV) Flame Detection
Combined Flame Detection (IR+UV)
Special Installation Accessories

Learn more about the protection of transformers and electrical machines in this guide:


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