UniVARIO Industrial Heat Detectors are suitable for any type of application required. They are suitable for installation indoors and outdoors. Also in extremely dirty, hazardous and explosion risk (ATEX) process areas. For applications in ATEX zones, the 3GD (Zones 2/22) and EX (Zones 1/20/21) models are available.

Equipped with the latest technological advances, they also feature a robust and attractive housing design with IP67 protection. They are quick and easy to install and can be integrated directly into the loop (with the KMX5000AP communications module), into a conventional detection line or be supervised by alarm and fault relays (with the KMX5000RK relay module). They have great capacity to transmit data for the purpose of analysis, statistics, maintenance and configuration through the SMX5000 tool.

There are versions of the detector for applications that require the absence of substances (for example silicone, Teflon) to guarantee high quality in the production processes and thus be able to complete the range even more.

Other versions have a casing made of titanium alloy (HR) for extremely aggressive and corrosive environments. They have accessories to be installed on ceilings, walls or inside ducts.

Easy parameter programming via DIP Switch or SMX5000 tool.

UniVARIO Point Temperature Detector Product Sheet:

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