Special water detection cable technology is capable of detecting a water leak at any point along its length, installed in conjunction with an alarm signalling system and a point source location module, in which case the cable detects the water intrusion, activating an alarm and signalling the location.

These specialized cables provide distributed leak detection and location in a wide range of applications. The cable is available in a wide variety of lengths to provide as much coverage as required.


The detection cable is supplied with plastic connectors pre-installed at the factory for easy connection. The cable is designed for a wide range of applications, including data processing plants, telecommunications rooms, HVAC equipment installations, pipelines, electrical vaults, storage stations, storage tanks and ceilings, etc… The cable is small, lightweight and flexible, allowing for easy installation. The smooth design allows for quick drying.


La tecnología de polímeros conductores especiales y la construcción con fluoropolímeros hacen que el cable de detección sea mecánicamente fuerte y resistente a la corrosión y abrasión. El cable está construido con dos cables de detección, un alambre de señal de alarma y un cable de continuidad encapsulado en una varilla de soporte de fluoropolímero. El módulo de alarma supervisa constantemente el cable de detección para la verificación de la continuidad. La robusta construcción del cable no expone metal y permite reutilizar el cable incluso en entornos corrosivos.

Water Leak Detection Product Sheet:


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