Wind turbines represent a significant fire risk. With high temperatures inside them, high oil pressures for their machinery, high voltage electrical arcs, internal equipment, braking systems… Early and faultless detection of a fire in a wind turbine, which can also be monitored remotely, will allow the necessary operations to be carried out so that the fire does not spread, bearing in mind that access is very limited due to the fact that wind turbines are located in remote places and many metres above the ground.

The external conditions wind turbines are subjected must also be taken into account when choosing a suitable detection system: turbulence, lightning, constant changes in wind direction, frost….. The main hazards in a wind turbine are: braking system, high voltage wiring, electrical equipment and controls, lightning, electric arcs and static electricity. TASC’s early smoke detection systems are the preferred solution.

This is an example of the technology you could apply with our help:

Special Installation Accessories
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