Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection (LHD) provides the best coverage for fire detection in a wide range of applications. Conventional technology often fails to provide a reliable and cost-effective protection solution. Forced by conditions, conventional detectors tend to give rise to false alarms and often lead to significant maintenance outlays. The Linear Fiber Optic Detection System is designed to minimise operating costs and operating with maximum reliability even in adverse conditions. The cable technology is long-lasting and maintenance-free. Imagine thousands of detection points with just one simple cable installation. Immunity to electromagnetic interference. Fire monitoring, not just detection even in the event of a power failure. Up to 256 alarm zones and up to 5+2 alarm criteria freely configurable per zone. Easy integration into your management system. ModbusTCP communication protocol (option-060), SCPI. Relay board included (4 Inputs, 44 outputs), PC connection via USB, Ethernet (LAN), etc…

Our Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection (LHD) is approved by the market´s most complete test reports and certifications: EN54, VdS, UL, FM and is ATEX certified, so it is also suitable for use in potentially hazardous locations.

The F.O. installation and monitoring length ranges and the distances of the sensors it incorporates can be from (with approvals):

– 1 km up to 4 channels (max. total F.O. installed 4 km)
– 2 km up to 4 channels (max. total F.O. installed 8 km)
– 4 km. up to 4 channels (max. total F.O. installed 16 km.)
– 6 km. up to 4 channels (max. total F.O. installed 24 km.)
– 8 km. up to 2 channels (max. total F.O. installed 16 km.)
– 10 km. with 1 channel (max. total F.O. installed 10 km.)

The optical fibers used are of the highest quality and mainly two models are used for these systems, which are detailed below:

Type 1 – F.O. Safety Sensor Cable (Sensor Cable Safety)

Fast-response, robust fiber-coated sensor cable. Compact dimensions, high flexibility and good bending behaviour. High tensile strength due to aramide yarns. These cables are halogen-free and have a flame-retardant cable sheath.

Type 2 – F.O. Steel Sensor Cable (Sensor Cable Steel)

Quick response shielded sensor cable with stainless steel tube and loose outer sheath. High tensile strength, high crush resistance. Longitudinally and laterally waterproof. Excellent rodent protection. These cables are halogen-free and with flame-retardant cable sheath.

Notes: Cables can be supplied in the required lengths. Other models with special features may also be supplied.

Refer to the Fiber Optic Sensor Cable product sheet:


See our GA-110 guide for the technical differences between the Digital Sensor Cable and the Fiber Optic Sensor Cable:


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