It is often a major challenge to find a suitable installation accessory or fixing solution that faithfully matches a particular Fire Protection (FP) application. We have a wide range of installation accessories available to meet most project requirements. If required, we can supply special accessories designed exclusively for a specific project, even in explosive atmospheres (ATEX).

Our policy is to always offer products of the highest quality and reliability. Well-made PCI installations should last over time without being altered by deficiencies caused by any of the elements that compose it.

Seguidamente se hace referencia a algunos de los accesorios especiales de instalación de los que disponemos:

– Installation boxes for components (e.g. thermal sensors, etc…), for connecting elements, end of line…

– In common aplications.

– With increased environmental protection (IP66, NEMA 4X, etc.).

– Special aplications (e.g. steel, etc.).

– ATEX certified models.

– ATEX Automatic Cable Collector for use in fuel tanks with floating roof.

– Retractable Cables.

– Galvanic Isolators for Safe Zones and Intrinsically Safe Zener Barriers (ATEX).

– Surge protectors for low voltage line circuits.

• Fuentes de Alimentación con aprobaciones EN54, UL y FM.

• Prensaestopas especiales para:

Cables armados (apantallados).
Cables sin apantallar.
Modelos con certificación ATEX.
• Fijaciones generales variadas:

Conjunto de elementos para tiradas de cable con hilo acerado «fiador».
Soportes para una amplia variedad de aplicaciones (ej. Cables PCI en Cintas transportadoras, Tanques de techo flotante, Túneles Ferroviarios y de carretera, Oleoductos, Gaseoductos, etc…
Soportes y accesorios variados para montaje de sistemas de detección de humo por aspiración.
Abrazaderas especiales de doble bucle.
If you need specific information on any special accessory (e.g. requiring specific product certification) for your project or information on standard installation accessories, please contact our sales department so that they can advise you and provide you with the solution that best suits the needs of your project.

Product sheet Special Accessories:


Product sheet Installation Accessories:


For any questions or clarification about our products and requests for prices and references, please contact us.