The IR flame detector incorporates advanced flame analysis tools to provide early warning of mainly organic material fires (combustible and hydrocarbon vapours).

The detector contains one or more (IR) infrared sensors which by means of an optical filter obtains a high sensitivity to the CO2 emission band and has a high immunity to false alarms from e.g. environmental IR sources, including sunlight and IR floodlights.

The main applications depending on the type of detector / sensor are:
– Hydrocarbon fires.

The advantages are:
– Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
– Moderate speed.
– Moderate sensitivity.
– Unaffected by solar radiation.
– Low cost.

See our Flame Detector product sheets:

PS-FVD-40_40C-Basics-EN-TASC y PS-FVD-40_40D-Premium-EN-TASC
PS-FVD Flame -UniVario-EN_TASC-22

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