In general, conveyor belts are a risk of fire due to external conditions and equipment failure. However, the flammable nature of some products including self-ignition introduces an exceptional risk that requires special consideration.

There are two important areas to consider for conveyor belts:
Fire prevention
Automatic detection and extinguishing.

Considerations to be taken into account:
Static fires. They are usually caused by dirt accumulated around the belt or by the failure of one of the belt mechanisms (e.g. rollers).
Risk on the move. On the product conveyed by the belt.

Each of these risks must have different ways of detection in order to be able to respond quickly and reliably. The purpose of this guide is to indicate general solutions, but each risk, location, must be taken into account in order to proceed with the correct implementation measures.

Here are some examples of technologies that you could apply with our help:

Fiber optic linear heat detection
Digital sensor cable linear heat detection
Fenwal Heat Detection
Electronic Detectors Heat Detection
Infrared (IR) Flame Detection
Ultraviolet (UV) Flame Detection
Combined Flame Detection (IR+UV)
Heat Detection in Transit
Special Installation Accessories

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